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Fantastic 3?
So according to Marvel, one of Fantastic Four's characters is getting killed off. Here's the video link:

It's true, comic book deaths are always met with backlash (killing off Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man mythos apparently still shocks many), but from a business standpoint, it's a sure way to entice the target niche and the same time, serve a good spike in sales. It's a good marketing campaign, though if history is any indication, deaths are usually followed by some absurd retcon convincing readers that said character(s) was/were never killed at all. Then that spike might be followed with another gradual spike, or a significant sales drop.

I don't read Fantastic Four, but I know the overall origin. However, I do think the cover of the upcoming issue is kind of neat. Take a symbol that's withstood the test of time, change it by one number and it significantly alters things forever...


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