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Behold the Power of Sports and Social Media!
Last night, the Boston Bruins beat the Vancouver Canucks to win the Stanley Cup. The chaos that ensued really disgusted me. Since I wasn't in front of a computer when the game ended, I kept refreshing my Twitter app to get some live reactions. A lot of folks I follow are Vancouver-based entertainers, so it was quite intriguing to read their reactions.

Today, I saw this photo on Yahoo Sports and I just facepalmed...

Good job buddy. Not only did you riot, but it was caught via social media. I'd love to hear your explanation once the autorities show up at your door. :/

I know hockey's almost like a religion in Canada, but it's still just a game. Your team got outplayed, so get over it. Edmonton and Calgary fans seemed to handle their Cup losses alright. Was I pissed when the Caps got eliminated? Hell yes. But I got over it.

And to think: Canada won the gold medal in 2010 in Vancouver. Imagine if USA won instead...

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Ugh. People take sports way to seriously. They let it affect their overall happiness, instead of just adding to it.

Glad to another fan though realizes in the end it's just a game : )

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