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Fill In the Blanks?
Another month of blog procrastinating, and another set of updates...

Igloo Building
That recent snow storm was good to me, and I got a lot of igloo building done.

Unfortunately, the weather warmed up way to soon afterward and melted away my diligent work, so I never got to finish snow stronghold: which was basically two igloos connected via tunnel/crawl space:

NHL All-Star Game
Held a viewing party at my house for this. I really enjoyed this year's format which did away with the traditional style (normally East vs. West or North America vs. the World) and concentrated on a Fantasy Team approach. Draft was a great idea, as was the expanded skills competition. Since Ovechkin and Green got drafted to Team Staal, that's who I ended up routing for.

Food selection was unique, as the main course was poutine. Regionally speaking, this dish would've been more appropriate for the last All-Star Game (which took place in '09 at Montreal), but considering the overwhelming interest to make it, All-Star Game weekend was probably the most opportune time to do a “poutine night.”

That, and two of the bottles in our case of Molson had this label:

The Guardian Project
All-Star Game was also the time for the league to unveil The Guardian Project, which was a comic book collaboration between Stan Lee and the NHL. Random fact: the comic book was lettered by Thom Zahler, an artist whose webcomic, Love and Capes, I follow on a regular basis. After the big unveil, he started pimping out The Guardian Project on his Twitter page. Out of whim, I sent him a message and surprisingly got an instant reply back.

So now that all 30 Guardians have been unveiled, which one's your fav?

Thom Zahler...
Toughie. I am partial to the Blue Jacket. Outside my state, I do like the Shark a lot.

It isn't much, but I always think it's neat when a professional artist actually takes time to interact with fans. As for the comic itself, I have yet to get a copy, but having seen each team member online, I have a few opinions on every single one of them (to be discussed in a later entry).

The Tudors
Through some random act of channel surfing one evening, I found myself watching a marathon of The Tudors, and slowly, but surely, the it's grown on me. I'm familiar with the overall story behind it, but it's kinda neat to see a dramatic take on Henry VIII's “conga line” of wives. Pretty intense stuff! Since it's only four seasons long, I may actually invest in the complete collection some time down the road. I really dig the opening song. Oh, and is it just me, or does Jonathan Rhys Myers look a lot like Steve-O from Jackass? :p

Crayon Bracket
My buddy Steve holds an annual bracket challenge over on his blog (think March Madness for crayons, only you can vote every round, as opposed to just the beginning).

Fun stuff if you have the time. Right now, its gotten to the Final Four, so voting has gotten “crucial” at this point. If you wanna take part, this round ends next Wednesday.

Anyway, I'm not a big fan of all the time I'm missing on here, so at the risk of inviting random net bots, I'm gonna pimp out the 'ol Twitter. If you've got one, follow me at your own leisure. NHL Trade Deadline is Monday, so increased tweeting may be involved.
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I am going to follow you on twitter in a min...I need more Caps fans there lol.

Awesome, I just added you back.

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