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Writer's Block: Portal 17
Do you think video games will still be popular in 15 years? How do you think they'll change?

Advancements in video game technology will keep the industry alive, so yes, I do believe it'll still be popular in 15 years.

The only real change I can see happening is the manner in which games are distributed, as companies may start leaning towards digital distribution (although with that recent security breach on PlayStation Network, said transition may be put off just a tad bit longer).

Many entertainment companies have already started ditching, or at least downsizing their physical supplies and embracing digital content more. It's a good and bad thing. Good because it reduces the amount of unnecessary clutter. But at the same time, it's bad for a designer like me, who loves the allure of packaging (specifically game box art). In that manner, I might shed a tear the day physical games cease to exist.


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