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4 April 1985
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I'm a professional designer from Fairfax, Virginia with a Bachelors Degree in Digital Media Design. I love watching anime, hockey, and anything a geek might obsess over. Video games are quite essential in my life, as are my family. I'm an eccentric dude: the kind that watches Disney films and rocks out to Metallica. At times, I can be random or quite cynical, but don't hold that against me— I'm a very chill person. I like wearing hats, especially anything with logos of the Capitals, Expos/Nationals, Redskins, United, or Wizards.

My blog is more or less a commentary on:

• Living life as a freelance graphic/web designer
• My growing interest to become a potential web comic artist
• Personal fitness and exercise
• Trips I take with family and friends
• My passion for sports (mostly hockey, but I like anything competative)
• The usual geek stuff (anime, comics, conventions, fantasy, science fiction, video games)
• My enthusiasm for anything international (culture, food, travel)
• Anything that sparks creativity/imagination (cartoons, motion graphics, music)

I check my LiveJournal on a regular basis, so feel free to comment on my entries (whether you agree/disagree with my thoughts) or even friend me. I'm totally cool with it.

I make my own icons. If you want one, give me credit and you're welcome to snag. Just make sure you let me know. :)